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The Eventing Team at UGA was established in 2013 and has competed in dozens of Intercollegiate Team Challenges.  


We currently boast 25 team members, have many involved alumni and supporters. Together, we participate in and organize clinics, competitions, and fundraising events. We believe we have started a great program and are looking forward to developing our team, with the goal of promoting and supporting College Eventing.


New or current UGA students who are interested in joining the team for or have questions please contact

Lilly Sharples: (919) 798-6418

or contact us through Instagram and Facebook


Rolex 2014

Libby & Rocky

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Spring 2020 Schedule

January 14th - Team meeting 

January 28th - Team meeting

February 11th - Team meeting

February 25th - Team meeting 

March 7-8 Southern Pines Intercollegiate Team Challenge

March 21-22 - Poplar Place Intercollegiate Team Challenge

March 24th - Team meeting 

April 7th - Team meeting 

April 11-12 - FENCE Intercollegiate Team Challenge 

April 21st - Team meeting

May 16 - 17 - Chatt Hills Intercollegiate Champs

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