About The Team

Check out the Our History tab to learn about the conception of our Eventing Team at UGA

     The Eventing Team at UGA currently has over two dozen members for the team for the 2021-2022 school year. This year, we are looking forward to hosting four or more upper level clinicians both in Athens and Aiken. Dressage, show jumping, and cross country clinics are all in the works, contact the team if you are interested in riding with the Dawgs! Past clinicians include Leslie Law, Doug Payne, Sinead Halpin, Jon Holling, Kyle Carter, Sandy Osborne, Kristin Schmolze, the Schramms, Elisa Wallace, Heather Steinman and more.

     Our team is extremely open and welcoming to new members, and to members looking to be more involved and taking on officer roles. We strive to communicate well and include everyone who asks to be involved in running the team. We are 100% student lead and organized, with a wonderful board of advisors who we can turn to for advice and support. Our advisory board is made up of local professionals and professors.

     The UGA team members are based at several different equestrian facilities in Athens and the surrounding areas. Farms range in access to facilities, distance from campus, and costs. Check out our "Where We Board" tab under Team Members for a list of names and contacts! Feel free to contact the team for more information on any particular farm.

     Every year the team's goal is to put on 3-4 clinics with upper level professionals, host a schooling show for fundraising, host two community service projects (per UGA club sports requirements), and dominate at multiple collegiate challenges. We meet approximately twice a month, and before team events to organize and delegate responsibilities for upcoming events. Meetings are mandatory, but there is always pizza and dessert, so it is well worth the hour's break from studying!

   Athens, Georgia is one of the most central eventing locations in the southeast, with easy access to dozens of events each year. Aiken, SC is less than 2 hours away, and offers access to multiple USEA Events (Full Gallop, Paradise, Stable View, Sporting Days). Poplar Place, F.E.N.C.E., Tryon, Chattahoochee Hills, and Pine Top all host many popular USEA Events which are between 1-2+ hours from Athens. Area III runs these events year round, so we never have to worry about missing out during show season!